Train-18: India’s First Engine less train with the top speed


Train-18: The Fastest Train in India-

India has successfully completed the test run of its indigenously made Engineless train known as Train-18. The trial run took place on Sunday, 2nd December. The trial run was conducted at Kota-Sawai Madhopur section. In its test run, it touched the speed of 180 kmph. Thus making it India’s fastest train with a record of 180 kmph. Train-18 is a highly Ambitious project of ruling government which aims to launch 5 more such trains in the next upcoming years. Train-18 has 16 coaches and is more likely to replace  Shatabdi Express. And is more likely to run between Delhi and Varanasi. It is seen as the small step towards India’s dream of having Bullet trains. Though the budget of one Train-18 is 100 Crore which is very less as compared to the budget of the Bullet train.


Manufacturing of Train 18:

The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) has done the job of Manufacturing of the Train 18. It took 18 months to finish the task. The Minister of Railways MR. PIYUSH GOYAL appreciated the work by saying “ Train-18 exceeds  180 kmph. The stability of water bottles (inside the train) at this speed is a testament to the quality of workmanship and design of our engineers”.

About Train


The bodywork is done by fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) which is light and more fire resistant than conventional steel and aluminum body. The look of the train is highly futuristic and more aerodynamic as compared to other trains. Coaches are interconnected with fully sealed gangways. Driver cabin is given at both ends for the betterment of driving.

The aerodynamic design enables the train to touch the maximum speed of 200kmph. But during its service time, it is expected to limit it upto 160 kmph.


1)Regenerative braking system.

2)Onboard WiFi ,GPS,and CCTV.

3)Modular Toilets for specially abled.

4)Retractable doorstep and Automatic doors.

5)Motorized power is fed to alternate coaches to ensure faster acceleration and even power distribution.

6)Rotating seats for executive class.

Commencement Date: The date of commencement is most probably to fall near New year Eve.



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