Top 5 Tips to buy a new Smartphone

top 5 tips to buy a new phone

Buya new smartphone in 2018:

Smartphones are thebest creation of human and now they became an integral part of our life.The new smartphone not only provide us the digitalworld but it gives employment to several people as well. Nowadays every companylaunches their new phone every month.

People are crazy about them but there is also a problem with it, every day we saw a new phone comes in the market and we are not sure which one to buy. So, I am sharing 5 tips to buy a new phone that will help you to choose a good one.

Top 5 tips to buy a new phone:

top 5 tips to buy a new phone

1.Tell yourself why you want a new smartphone:

The best tip to buy a smartphone is to be honest with yourself, why you want a new phone. Maybe the reason was not so strong maybe you just want a new phone because your friend has an updated smartphone than yours. Don’t get influenced by people make your own decision.

2.Decide your budget:

The most important step before buying a new smartphone is selecting a proper budget. People every time decide to purchase a phone under Rs.10,000 but eventually when they go to the market they purchase a smartphone of higher value.

Whatever you decide make sure you will stick to it, in this way you will be able to find the best smartphone under your budget. But if you think you will buy a phone full of trendy features and don’t care about the budget then my friend you can’t always be updated with the latest technology because every single day a new one is ready to launch.

3. Brand or Specifications what matters?

There are so many smartphone companies in India right now and they are doing everything to compete with each other.

Additionally, they are focusing on customer demands. You heard Xiaomi came in India four years ago and now they became number one brand in India for selling their smartphones.

The main thing is whether brand matters or the specifications. See from above example we are all aware that new brands can easily be formed and recognizable if they provide you the quality product and the services.

So, always go for the interior core, right now 4 GB Ram, 64 GB storage and at least 3000 mAH battery with a good processor is the minimum requirement in a smartphone for working properly. 

4. Research well before buying a new phone:

After making a budget check the latest smartphones in the market and compare them. You can do it easily on the internet there are so many websites provide you the detailed review and comparison.

You should keep in mind what is your level of usage, if you are a heavy gamer then go for more than 6 GB ram and a good processor. If you are a normal user then 4 GB ram with an octa-core processor is enough for you.

5. Wait for the best deals and offers:

The most of the smartphones conduct their sale and selling on eCommerce websites so you can avail best deals and offers. The Flipkart Big Billion Days sale is one of the best time to buy a new smartphone. Always check some offers on different websites and compare them.


To buy a new phone you only need a few things, a reason to buy, good specs, understanding of usage, offers, and of course the money. Hopefully, you guys like these tips and if so then please let me know in the comment box.


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