THE METAMORPHOSIS by Franz Kafka-Book review

Book review of The Metamorphosis

492121 ratings and 12722 reviews on Goodreads THE METAMORPHOSIS by Franz Kafka is a story about a man, Gregor Samsa, who wakes up as a gigantic, incredibly disgusting bug. The Metamorphosis is regarded as the most influential literature of the 19th century, originally written in German. Metamorphosis throws a light upon the existence of a person until there is some sort of contribution is done by that person, just existence is not a cup of tea. As long as you are contributing (money) to family particularly in this case, your existence is considered. The various moral virtues are sidelined just on the basis of your contribution.

Metamorphosis has given an impact on the harsh reality that the moment you become a liability for society, family, nobody cares and pay attention to.
In Metamorphosis a brother’s good intentions, responsible, altruistic nature isn’t considered, he’s just taken as a burden by his family.

Brief Story of The Metamorphosis:

Gregor Samsa works as a traveling salesman who works his ass off to meet ends, provides money for his family. After this unexplained and abrupt transformation into a bug, he is unable to go to work his boss visit home, his mother is at the door and he is hesitating to open the door, watching his condition his chief leaves from his home, his family too is not able to understand him by his voice. His mother gets panic, dad calls for the blacksmith. Gregor somehow opens the door with his teeth-less jaw. Life has changed for him on seeing his condition he is bounded by four walls, his sister gave him stale food and is made to live in his room itself.

As Gregor is at home now finances gets unstable, everyone in the home looks for the job eventually her sister got a sales job, to make more money family sells their jewelry. His sister left his room filthy & whenever her mother tried to clean it she would get ballistic. Then the family hires a cleaning lady, one day randomly she opens Gregor’s door and noticed him, after that she would disturb him at least once.

Later, the family rented a room of the apartment to the three tenants, since the tenants demanded tidiness the unwanted stuff was kept in Gregor’s room. One day after dinner his sister was playing the violin, he enjoys her play and moves in the main room as his room was accidentally left open by the new maid, looking him the tenants immediately gave the noticed that they were moving out and even refused to pay the rent.  After this Gregor’s sister was fed up and she stated they need to get rid of the Gregor, they all agreed. This is ironic that even his father didn’t understand Gregor. While Gregor understands he felt pain inside and breathed his last breath.

The maid found him dead, gave the information to family members. Tenants came to ask what happened but they are made to leave. The family members are having a good job and are happy as they are not having the burden with themselves. This is that book that every adult need to read, yet so strange and weird the one hour read is worth reading.

“Calm —indeed the calmest— reflection might be better than the most confused decisions”
Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis


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