The GIVING TREE, By Shel Silverstein-Book review


The Giving Tree book review by Kikanshu Digarsey:

The Giving Tree Book review is given by Mr. Kikanshu Digarsey who is a regular reader and analyst of Novels and books. So, Let us read about his opinion on this book.

It was May 2018, I found kids book, which I read almost twice a month made me fall in love with trees & made me the realize the importance of tree-like characters in life.

Brief Introduction of “The Giving Tree”

The GIVING TREE, By Shel Silverstein a poetic marvel written 54 years ago, is about the unconditional love of apple tree who always gives and a boy who always ask making him selfish in nature. This book has an impactful start with the line “Once there was a tree and she loved a little boy”, which tells of a beautiful connection between the tree and the boy, which fades away as the boy grows older. The little boy visited the tree every day he eats apples, swing on her branches, rest and play around the tree and the tree was happy. Then, One day boy stops visiting the tree, the tree became sad. Then one the boy returned, the tree was happy and from now whenever he returned he would take something from tree and tree unconditionally gave all herself to the boy.

There are a lot of meaning to the poetic lines, one says the tree has symbolized a parent who happily does everything for their children who they love. A little boy is an example of human greeds which didn’t end and keeps on increasing. The moral of the story can be said is Unconditional love exists beyond all and needs to understand that they should be grateful to the ones who care them and need to take care of them.


Moreover, Shel Silverstein has created an epitome of love that needs to be understood in today’s World. I would have loved it more if the boy had understood the love of the tree. This book needs to be read not only by children but also by the adults.



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