Role of meditation in our life

The benefits of meditation

The power of meditation:

Meditation or ( Dhyan ) is an extreme form of concentration technique. In meditation we allow our mind to focus on one thing and detach from all other things. Meditation is a main pillar of yoga. It is a path where you will get to know the answers to your questions like ‘ God Buddha found enlightenment’, and by regular practicing it, you can easily differentiate between soul and your body.

What you think, you become; what you feel, you imagine it; and what you imagine you create .”

 How to practice meditation :

  • The first step to meditate is to find a comfortable and peaceful place to sit, and by closing your eyes try to focus on one single thought, object or even your breathing. At the start, you will find your mind wandering here and there, or by the interference of your feelings and thoughts, you will feel difficulty to stay focused to one point. As there is a slow start to every climb, like that you must also keep patience and let those thoughts go, do not try to stop it. After some time by keep concentrating your mind will automatically find the way to stay focused and calm. By the time your mind wanders less and with no time you will enter the phase of deep concentration.
  • Do it 10-15 min. daily, it will help you find the best version of yourself.
  • Meditation will bring to the present and help you to strengthen your ability to think.

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 Advantages of meditation :

  • Reduces stress and hypertension.
  • Increase or maximize thinking ability and memory power.
  • Increase life span by 15 %.
  • Reduces disease related to hypertension, memory loss due to age factor.
  • Help to control anger and anxiety.
  • Help to control blood pressure, the rate of breathing and other metabolisms of the human system.
  • Promotes emotional health.
  • Enhances self-awareness.
  • Help in fighting addiction.
  • By regular meditation practices, one becomes more kind-hearted.
  • Help to reduce weight although it will need lot’s of patience because healthy habits do not show a spontaneous result.

Good luck and stay motivated


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