Reason why Microsoft doesn’t stop piracy in India

Reason Why Microsoft does not stop piracy in India.

Reason Why Microsoft doesn’t stop Piracy in India

The Biggest Question of 2019 is now why the leading operating system provider Microsoft doesn’t control piracy in India. Even in the year 2019, is this out of control of the leading company? The answer is definitely NO. So, Today I am going to discuss why this business leading giant is allowing the piracy of their costly products in India.

As a Student, I am well aware that the Most of the students use Pirated windows in their laptops and computers because nobody wants to pay a lump sum amount of about Rs 5000 when they got the same system in Rs 300.

Bill Gates’s Quote on Piracy

The Microsoft Owner’s once said ” It’s easier for our software to compete with Linux when there’s Piracy than when there’s not

The Statement clears all the doubts that why Bill Gates Intentionally wants you to use the pirated Windows.

The ideology behind this is very simple If they want they can stop piracy of their products in an instant but they don’t want to do the hard work.

In India, 95% of the young generation learns how to operate windows on their own, Nobody taught them about it.

When they grow using the same operating system they get used to it and not able to shift from it easily.

The Business Strategy of Microsoft

The Strategy of Bill Gates is to promote his products because if he stops the piracy then Linux and other open source systems will take over the market.

Microsoft wants from the young generation to get used to their system and when they enter into the corporate world they will put demand in their organization to work on Windows. The Corporate company has to buy an enterprise version of Windows which would make a huge profit to Microsoft. ( Bhai aise hi thodi wo Bill Gates hai)

If the Enterprise won’t buy a premium version then Microsoft will definitely take action against the company and make the profit anyway.


Ultimately, Bill Gates knows how to run his business, we think we are smart for not using his genuine product but he is well  Smarter than all of us and definitely know how to make money by providing Pirated copies of his products. I hope you guys like the whole information and if so, then please let me know in the comments.



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