Detention of Christian Michel and Augusta Westland case

Detention of Christian Michel and Augusta Westland case

Christian Michel, a UK borned businessman is back in News after his detention and extradition to India. He was residing in UAE from last few years. The Extradition Treaty between India and UAE has made his detention possible. Michel is considered as one of the prime players in highly controversial Augusta Westland deal. After his detention, he was presented before the CBI special court at Delhi. The court has ordered to be in custody for next 5 day.

Everything about Augusta Westland deal

The deal was signed in 2010 between UPA government and Italian company Augusta Westland. The deal involves the purchase of 12 VVIP helicopters capable of flying up to 4500m. The helicopter was thought to serve President of India and other state authorities. The net worth associated with the deal was around 3600 crore rupees.

The deal was under suspicion from the very first day itself as the deal signed was actually different from what was decide earlier. when the idea of purchasing helicopter arised.

The idea of purchasing chopper roots back in 1999 during the times of NDA Government headed by PM Atal Bihari Ji. The idea proposed was then included the purchase of only 8 helicopters capable of flying up to 6000m.

But this was changed in 2005 by UPA government to 12 VVIP Choppers with reduced capability requirement of flying ability Upto 4500m. This remained same till the deal was signed in 2010.

Many reports claimed that these changes were introduced to favour  Italian company Augusta westland which is famous for Manufacturing helicopters of such capacities.

In the year 2012, the 3 VVIP helicopters were delivered to India in fly-away condition.

But in the year 2013, media started reporting corruption in this case. Reports claim that money-worth millions of Euros were transferred to the bank accounts of people involved in this deal. The 3 key players of this deal were Christian Michel, Guido Haschke and Carlo Gerosa who acted as a middleman in this deal.

After media reports, chief of Finmeccanica company Mr.Giuseppe orsi was arrested by the Italian police. In 2016, an Italian court found that the corruption took place in this case and has also convicted then Indian air force chief Mr. S.P Tyagi.

Later, the order was reversed in Italian upper court rejecting the possibility of corruption in this case. The convicts were given the clean chit.

After this much of controversy, the deal was called off by the Defence minister Mr.A.K. Anthony in year 2014 and the money involved was also recovered.

Why there is so hype about Christian Michel’s arrest?

1). As many people believed that the deal was altered by the people in power for there benefits. CBI is probing to find the people involved in it.

2). When Mr. Guido Haschke was arrested at that time. A note was recovered from him hinting towards the involvement of politically powered family (no clear mention of Gandhi family) in this deal.

3).Italy has done there part of investigation in the matter but India never got the chance to lookDirect into the matter.Now,when we have one of the major convict with us the hype is obvious.

Political Use

Since the Congress is mooting the rafale scam to block NDA at a different front. Now, this is NDA’s chance to give it back to Congress. This can be used as a shield to push the Congress back to its knees in 2019 Election.

Positive effect of detention

After the detention and extradition of Mr.christian Michel’s.Now, Mr.Vijay Mallaya has announced that he is ready to settle the monetary issues with India. It seems like he understood that there is not much time left when the same thing can happen to him.


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